I want to get my property valued. How can I do this?

We will secure a Certified valuer in your area who will be able to provide you with a valuation for your property.



How can I ensure I am protected legally and doing all things correct to all laws and legal processes?


Legal assistance will be provided by our trustworthy and qualified attorneys who can support with drafting documents and keeping these protected from fraud as well as general legal advice. Our attorneys are also well experienced in assisting foreigners in buying or leasing property.



What official documentation will I need in relation to my property?


All legal documentation pertaining to the property will be taken care of and submitted to relevant authorities. These include but are not limited to deeds and tenancy agreements.



How can I secure a loan for my property?


Our Expert team will help you in find the best deals available for your Housing Loan, as well as assisting you with preparing all related documents which are then submitted to the bank on your behalf, ensuring you are looked after throughout the entire process.



What is the process in paying stamp duty and other tax payments?


Stamp duty and municipality payments will be looked after, ensuring you do not waste time with government institutions, throughout the process.



How do I stay updated throughout this process?

A personal assistant will be available to guide you and keep you updated during the entire process and status of your property.